A change: the Monthly Bucket List

Rethinking the bucket list

Good day, folks. Today I’m announcing a chance to the Something To newsletter. It’s now the Monthly Bucket List. Let me explain.

I’ve been kinda down lately and, as a “feeling blue” veteran, I’ve got a few coping strategies in my back pocket. One trick is to list things I’d like to do. Ironically, a bucket list of exciting goals — learn Japanese, visit Iceland — is often a compilation of the impossible, which only contributes to my rotten mood. So this October, I’m introducing the “monthly bucket list,” a collection of 10 doable, fun activities meant to be an easy win as well as a lot of fun. Between today and October 31, I mean to:

1. Carve pumpkins with the kids
2. Welcome trick-or-treaters with my wife on Halloween
3. Make “fire cider” (a recipe I’ve wanted to try for about two years)
4. Memorize the NATO alphabet. I’ve always wanted to do this.
5. Hike a new trail
6. Finish a book
7. See a movie
8. Make fresh pasta
9. Start a fire without matches
10. Visit a local attraction I’ve never seen

Everything on this list is achievable with minimal effort/cost. They also hit all my buttons: some solitary activities, some family fun, some stuff just for my wife and me. Some of my favorite activities are also addressed: cooking, being outside, micro-adventures.

Each month, this newsletter will feature two issues: one announcing the new Monthly Bucket List and a second in the middle of the month with updates on my progress, including photos of what I’ve accomplished, related links, recipes, thoughts, and actionable take-aways.

I’d also LOVE to see *your* Monthly Bucket Lists. What’s your collection of 10 fun, quick “wins” for October? I’ll share in a future issue.

I hope you’ll join me on this new adventure. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Onward!

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